2.7 Let us sum up

This unit is an attempt to let you know the issues related with OA content management. At the outset this unit mentions the four major areas of OA content management to provide you a panoramic view of complexities of the domain. The Overview section is based on the OAIS reference model for content management and its extension to OA content management. OAIS reference model comprehensively indicates major components of content management as well as procedures related with these identified components. The section on Best practices related with OA content management forms the base of this unit. It explores almost all the managerial issues related with OA contents such as Content Coverage, Content Metadata, Content Ingest, Content Access and Reuse, Content Preservation, Content Withdrawal and Sustainable Development. This unit also provides major workflows related with content management in Green OA, Gold OA and mentions tools for facilitating interactive OA content management.

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