1.9 Let us sum up

This unit starts with introducing you with the definition, types and importance of metadata and ends with metadata interoperability. The journey to these two ends covers many important issues related to application of metadata in organizing OA resources such as, importance of metadata in OA infrastructure, rights management metadata, policy framework for OA metadata, elements of usage metadata, and application of generic and domain specific metadata schemas. It shows you application of different models in OA metadata including RDF/XML framework, IFLA models and XOBIS. This unit also provides a comprehensive list of metadata schemas in different areas of human activities that are important for OA movement per se such as ETDs, learning objects and multimedia. The software-level application of metadata in organizing OA resources may help you in solving practical problems related to metadata encoding. Further, the section on crosswalk and interoperability aims to provide you an insight on export, import and sharing of metadata in greater OA infrastructure.

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