2.5 Let us sum up

Green and gold OA are complementary as soon as we recognize that green is better than gold for registration (its time stamps are faster) and preservation, and that gold OA is better than green OA for quality assurance of content (peer review). Green OA is deemed by some as mainly a tool to force a transition to gold OA. There is however a synergy between green and gold. Gold OA journals may need to move resources to repositories with metadata adequate for preservation of content. On the other hand green OA may serve as platform for aspiring authors who need to publish in peer-reviewed journals for their professionals progress. publishing the idea on green such authors can collect ideas and discussions from wide range of audience. After collecting views and refining their content they may then opt to publish in OA journals. Green journals are needed so that research institutes especially those that are publicly funded may have mandates for OA publishing without limiting the freedom of authors to submit to the OA journals on others also. However with repository tools being refined to include formal publication workflows the distinction between green and gold may only remain at policy level whether or not to go for peer review.

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