3.6 OA Scholarly Publishers Associations

The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association21 (OASPA) is an industryassociation which aims to promote open access publishing (Gold Open Access) and to establish best practices in the field. It brings together the major open access publishers on the one hand and independent often society-based or university-based and publishers on the other, along with some hybrid open access publishers. While having started out with a focus on open access journals exclusively, it is now expanding its activities to include matters pertaining to the open access publishing of books as well.

Major funding members

  • BioMed Central
  • Co-Action Publishing
  • Copernicus Publications
  • Hindawi Publishing Corporation
  • Public Library of Science
  • SAGE Publications
  • Utrecht University Library (Igitur)
  • Journal of Medical Internet Research JMIR (Gunther Eysenbach) (now JMIRPublications)
  • Medical Education Online
  • SPARC Europe
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