In this unit, you have learned about availability of different channels of scholarly communications – particularly which are communicating primary research literature. We discussed the different stages of research publication, and highlighted the issues at different stages for you to take note. We emphasized that the scholarly communication process is changing, and the use of social media for sharing your work and also for disseminating the impact of  the work to the stakeholders is rising. While we discussed the ethical issues related to authorship, and choice of publication channel in the pre-publication stage, we emphasized use of video sharing site, social networking site and blogging as main tools to share your work. Besides, we have also indicated a list of social networking site for researchers. 


There are a number of video tutorials available on topics discussed in this Unit. Some of the tutorials were developed by the reputed institutions, libraries and scientists. Now, you learn more about how you can become an active researcher contributing primary research literature and how you would be involved in communicating research as an author to your fellow scientists.

  • Communicating Science Video14
  • Defining Scholarly Communication Video15
  • Do's and Don'ts in Research Communications Video16
  • Good Practice In Communicating Research Video17
  • International Standards for Editors and Authors Video18
  • Legal issues in corrections, retractions and expressions of concern, by Mark Seeley, COPE Video19
  • Understanding Scholarly Journal Articles Video20

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