3.5 Let us sum up

In this Unit you have learned about emergence of electronic journals in academic and research environment due to wide proliferation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in research communications and academic publishing. Nowadays no scholarly journal can be imagined without having its online presence. Every journal publisher worth the name, irrespective of its standing as for-profit or non-profit, has embraced ICT-enabled publishing environment. Thus, electronic journals are a reality in the twenty first century. The researchers in the developing world, while publishing in regional or national-level academic journals, get ensured that their research contributions can reach across the globe through e-journal gateways, subject repositories, online bibliographic or full-text databases and e-resources. Scientific communities and scientific communications from the global South are getting substantive attentions through adaptation of electronic journals and electronic academic databases in the process of research communications. With the passage of time we see many electronic journals have adopted principles of open access (OA), and transformed themselves into OA journals. We now have globalized views of scientific discourses as free flow of scientific contents is ensured in ICT-enabled OA environment. Open access movement has created interactive spaces for OA channels, such as, OA journals, OA knowledge repositories and OA e-journal gateways. You will learn more about OA movements and OA channels of research communications in Module 2 and Module 5 of this self-directed learning course.


There are a number of video tutorials available on topics discussed in this Unit. Some of the tutorials were developed by the reputed institutions, libraries and scientists. Now, you may learn more about how you can become an active researcher contributing primary research literature, and how you would be involved in communicating research as an author to your fellow scientists.

  • Bibliographic DatabasesVideo44
  • Bound Journals and Electronic DatabasesVideo45
  • Citation IndexingVideo46
  • Finding Full Text from Article DatabasesVideo47
  • How to Locate a Journal's ISSNVideo48
  • How to Use a Database to Find ArticlesVideo49

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