4.6 Let us sum up

In this Unit, you have learned about serials crisis and its different reasons and different solutions available to mitigate these problems. The library and researchers’ communities have made many attempts to deal with problems associated with scholarly journal publishing, particularly of spiralling costs of journals subscription in the days of library budget cuts, global economic recession and unbearable economic inflation. Open access journal publishing apparently helps in mitigating some of the problems associated with serials crisis. But commercial interests of for-profit publishers sometimes spoil philosophy and spirit of open access to public funded research. They try to churn out higher profit margins from the authors by charging considerable amount of article processing fee. The informed choices are now made available to OA authors, through websites such as JournalPrices.com and eigenFACTOR.org. However, these websites don’t cover wide spectrum of available online or print journals. The researchers also need to know different publishing choices available to them while selecting qualitative and well-recognized journals as their publishing venue. The problems discussed in this Unit will help the researchers in taking informed decisions while publishing articles in journals.


There are a number of video tutorials available on topics discussed in this Unit. Some of the tutorials were developed by the reputed institutions, libraries and scientists. These video tutorials will help you in understanding basic problems associated with academic journal publishing and more particularly on serials crisis.

  • Academic Publishing Crisis, Part 1 Video70
  • Academic Publishing Crisis, Part 2 Video71
  • Impact of New Technologies on Scholarly Publishing: The Serials Crisis and Beyond, by Jorge ContrerasVideo72
  • Predatory Publishers, by Jeffrey Beall Video73

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