1.0 Introduction

Metadata is a very important Component for OA resources not only for organizing and retrieval but also to inform stakeholders of OA infrastructure about the status of a resource as OA. For example - i) users need to understand what rights they have for a given knowledge object (e.g., free readership for the published version, limited reuse, etc; ii) authors want to know what rights they will retain (after publication in OA system) and whether they are compliant with a given funder policy; iii) publishers want to clearly convey what readers can and cannot do with the objects they publish; iv) research funders want to promote research output they sponsor; v) search engines, A&I databases, and other discovery services are aiming to help users in finding OA resources; and vi) libraries are seeking to help users in finding OA resources and their integration with existing library materials. These expectations of stakeholders are depending on quality description of OA resources by applying granular, comprehensive and domain-specific metadata schemas. This unit is meant for helping you in application of standard metadata schemas in organizing OA resources.

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